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If you are looking to sell gold or silver items, such as gold jewellery, gold coins or gold bullion, visit us today at the Geelong Gold Company for transparency and highest cash payouts.

Live Market Rates

  • Gold (Au) $3479.73
  • Silver (Ag)$44.24
  • Live Prices: Accurate as of Thu 13th June 2024 @ 5:30am

No hidden fee's, commissions or other charges.

Gold Jewellery Payment Rates

  • Gold Purity Level
    We Pay You
  • 24ct (99.9% Pure) Gold Items:
    $95.00 Per Gram
  • 22ct (91.6% Pure) Gold Items:
    $87.11 Per Gram
  • 21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items:
    $85.59 Per Gram
  • 21ct (87.5% Pure) Gold Items:
    $83.21 Per Gram
  • 20ct (83.3% Pure) Gold Items:
    $79.21 Per Gram
  • 18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items:
    $71.32 Per Gram
  • 15ct (62.5% Pure) Gold Items:
    $59.43 Per Gram
  • 14ct (58.3% Pure) Gold Items:
    $55.44 Per Gram
  • 10ct (41.6% Pure) Gold Items:
    $39.56 Per Gram
  • 9ct (37.5% Pure) Gold Items:
    $35.66 Per Gram
  • 8ct (33.3% Pure) Gold Items:
    $31.67 Per Gram

Current Gold/Silver Bullion Rates

  • Bullion/Coin
    We Pay You
    We Sell For
  • 1oz 999 Gold Bar
  • 1oz 999 Gold Coin
  • 10oz 999 Gold Bar
  • 1kg 999 Gold Bar
  • 1 gram 24k Gold Granules
  • 1oz 999 Silver
  • 10oz 999 Silver
  • 1kg 999 Silver

Scrap Silver Payment Rates

  • Silver Purity
    We Pay You
  • 99.9%+ Purity (999) Silver
    $1.00 Per Gram
  • 92.5% Purity (925) Silver
    $0.92 Per Gram
  • 90% Purity (900) Silver
    $0.90 Per Gram
  • 50% Purity (500) Silver
    $0.46 Per Gram
  • 32.5% Purity (325) Silver
    $0.30 Per Gram

Gold/Silver Coin Payment Rates

  • Coin Type
    We Pay You
  • 1oz 999 Gold Coin
    $3340 Each
  • 1oz Krugerrands
    $3061 Each
  • $200 Gold Coins
    $871 Each
  • Gold Sovereigns
    $695 Each
  • Pre 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp
    $0.92 Per Gram
  • Post 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp
    $0.46 Per Gram
  • 1966 50c Silver Round Coin
    $10.57 Each
  • Mexican Peso
    $3565 Each

Cash For Gold Jewellery From Leading Geelong Gold Buyers

Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash

The Geelong Gold Company are Geelong's highest paying gold buyers.

We offer the highest cash payments for when you visit our shop to sell gold jewellery, sell gold coins or to sell gold bullion.

Our payment rates on this page are transparently advertised and live with international world spot prices.

Visit our gold buyers shop today at 109 Ryrie St Geelong for our friendly staff can assist you in selling your gold or silver items.

The cash for gold process is simple and can be completed within 20 minutes depending on how many items you have to sell.

In the unlikely scenario you find a higher price in the Geelong area from another gold buyer we will beat that offer.

Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash

Sell Gold Bullion in Geelong Central CBD. Sell Silver Bullion, Platinum and Bullion Coins

Sell gold coins geelong

Have some gold or silver bullion you would like to sell?

Geelong Gold Company guarantee that you will receive the highest cash payments for when you sell gold bullion or sell silver bullion to us.

Deal direct with us and avoid the unnecessary trip up to Melbourne. With our live payment rates which are advertised on this page you can be guaranteed what you will be paid upon coming into our shop.

Our gold buyers shop purchase any amount of silver bullion or gold bullion you have with no extra hidden fee's or charges. Payments can be made in cash or via bank transfer.

The whole process for gold and silver bullion investors is fast and simple.

Geelong Gold Company along with purchasing your gold and silver bullion will also purchase any gold or silver coins that you may have with a price beat guarantee for the Geelong area.

We are centrally located at 109 Ryrie Street in Geelong Central / Geelong CBD. For large bullion purchases, we can also arrange a secure courier.

To Get Cash for Gold is fast and simple

Step One

Visit our Geelong Shop: located in Ryrie St, Geelong during office hours Monday to Friday.

Step Two

Our staff will test and evaluate your gold and silver items in front of you for full transparency.

Step Three

If you are happy with the price offered to you we will pay you in cash or organise a bank transfer for you.

100% Accurate Precious Metal Purity Testing With Our Industry Leading XRF Scanning Technology

best geelong gold buyers

Latest XRF Machine Technology for complete accuracy.

A XRF Device is the latest technology available to gold dealers to accurately test and assay gold and silver items.

X-ray Florescence machines use laser technology to accurately scan the gold content contained in your gold and silver items.

The testing process is fast and doesn't damage any of your jewellery.

With the latest XRF technology you can rest assured and be guaranteed the highest cash payouts when you bring your gold or silver items to us for sale.

Visit us in Store Today

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    Geelong, VIC. 3220.
  • Phone: (03) 8678 2050
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